5 Totally Affordable Primark Christmas Jumpers Below $20

5 Totally Affordable Primark Christmas Jumpers Below $20

Christmas is that time of the year where everyone is in the festive mood and stores are selling their goodies on discounts. It’s also winter. But this time of the year demands jumpers more than regular sweaters and jackets.

These jumpers can keep you warm and cozy when the weather is unforgiving cold outside. Though one can wear multiple layers to protect them from the cold, it can get too stuffy when the heater is turned on in the office or make it difficult to work in a confined space.

A jumper, on other hand will keep you warm at all times. Being a single layer of clothing, there is not struggle getting into confined spaces or sitting in a warm office. This makes a person look casual and fun to be around as they are vocal enough about the festive spirit.

Pair these with denim and you have a nice top/ T shirt that does not require you to add additional layers to keep you warm.

Whether you want to buy for yourself or gift it to someone, here are 5 totally affordable Christmas jumpers from Primark. They are all below $20 and well within a tight budget. You can sport a different one each day leading up to Christmas or gift your co-workers. With many designs to choose from, you can have a different one for each person.

  1. Embroidered Xmas Jumper

Want to sport something cute yet not too Christmassy to work? This grey jumper with little penguins in Christmas hats and presents can be just perfect. It reveals a subdued Christmas spirit, just what you need for a work wear.

  1. Xmas Applique

For those who want a jumper in a very small budget but don’t want to compromise on the Christmas spirit, this jumper is only £7. It is red in color, has a gingerbread man with antlers. It’s everything Christmassy in one jumper. It can be paired with a nice skirt or your jeans for a casual look.

  1. Xmas Music

Christmas is never complete without a snowman in your front yard. Why leave him at home when you can take him to work with you in this pale blue jumper? A happy snowman adorned in a red and black checkered scarf and snowflakes all over – now that is celebrating both Christmas and winter in one go.

  1. Xmas Applique

Who doesn’t love a reindeer? Another appliqué jumper by Primark that is sure to lift the Christmas spirits without making you look over the top. A cute reindeer with a string of lights on its antlers is enough to pass on the Christmas cheer to everyone at work.

  1. Kimball Xmas Applique Jumper

Dark colors can be paired with anything and you can wear them to work and your party after too. This dark blue colored jumper with a small rounded owl in a Christmas hat is cute and unassuming. It does not attract too much attention as there are no overly right colors used. This can be just right to wear to work where though one is free to express themselves and their Christmas spirit, cannot wear something too loud or overly colorful.