7 Totally Adorable John Lewis Animal Christmas Jumpers

7 Totally Adorable John Lewis Animal Christmas Jumpers

Christmas is about the reindeer. That’s what you think. There are plenty of animals that feature in a Christmas jumper and they’re all adorable. Get your animal fix with John Lewis's fun collection of animal jumpers for Christmas. This list is specially curated for nonparents who have to gift something to children in their social circle. Check out these adorable jumpers and start your Christmas shopping today! It’s early days yet, but stocks will run out!

  1. Baby Christmas Reindeer Jumper, Red (Price £16-£17)

What’s not to love about this one! Baby Rudolf, string light pom poms on his horns, ‘nuff said! A baby soft jumper in a lovely Chsristmas red, your little one will look adorable. Gender-neutral as well, this one’s made for the parents who are conscious to buy sensibly for their children.

  1. Baby Polar Friends Jumper, Blue (Price £16-£17)

The North Pole has plenty going for it. Santa’s house, the Christmas Gift centre, as well as a whole bunch of cuties – think reindeer, polar bear, penguin. In a gorgeous sky blue, this jumper reminds one of all things Christmas, and all things North Pole.

  1. Baby Squirrel Jumper, Blue (Price £16-£17)

Like we said earlier, there’s no definitive Christmas motifs on a baby’s jumper. Our squirrel friends might not have much to do in the winter, so show them some love in this lovely blue jumper (with orange squirrels) and get everyone’s head turning. This one can also be an all-season jumper, which gives you all the more reason to buy it.

  1. Boys’ Polar Bear Jumper, Blue (Price £20-£22)

The polar Bear, is slowly becoming a staple feature in most Christmas Jumpers. And why not? It is the one animal that lives in the snow all year, and reminds you of polar bear cubs which are among the cutest animal babies around! Let your mini man flaunt his love for Christmas in this number.

  1. Baby Christmas Polar Bear Jumper, Grey (Price £16-£17)

What’s cuter than a polar bear? A baby polar bear in a jumper and scarf and hat. This absolutely adorable jumper simply has to be on your buying list. A cute little polar bear cub staring out at you with the most delightful details embroidered on to it, this jumper ias a lot of style.

  1. Baby Cat Intarsia GOTS Organic Cotton Jumper, Grey (Price £16-£17)

A kitten on a jumper. It doesn’t get more adorable than that. Add to it the fact that it is made out of 100% organic cotton, this one’s for the babies who could have some manner of fabric allergies. The little peekaboo kitten will make you fall in love!

  1. Girls’ Fair Isle Jumper, Multi (Price £20-£22)

Geometric knits, Christmas trees, penguins and polar bears all come together for this gorgeous jumper that will make your little girl standout. Light and pleasing colours, as well as soft and warm fabric add to the must buy factor for this one. With the barest hint of red and while, this is ideal season wear for your child.