8 Next Christmas Jumpers That Aren't Cringe Worthy

 8 Next Christmas Jumpers That Aren't Cringe Worthy

Children are always buoyant and high spirited. When it is that time of the year where they are guaranteed gifts if they behave well, there are no limits to their carefree happy spirits.

Dressing them up can be a challenge to parents on a daily basis. But when the festive mood is in the air and you have something new in your hands, they are ready to try them on immediately. This collection Christmas jumpers from Next are definitely worth the buy for your kids.

Red Christmas Fairisle Pattern Dress

This beautiful red dress is better than just a jumper. Get your little girl in this red Fairisle print and watch her come alive with the Christmas spirit. It has a cheerful snowman print going all around the chest, something kids just love.

Pair this up with a pair of leggings and your little princess is ready to spread the Christmas cheer. What’s more, it costs less than £20. Just what you need for growing children.

Red Snowman Crew

This red jumper with a cheerful snowman is what kids would love to sport when they are stepping out with you or to school. This comes in various sizes and can fit a child between the age groups of 3 months and 6 years.

Have more than one child in this age group, what better way to celebrate than getting them all dressed up in similar outfits and posing for that much awaited family photo? And it costs as less as £15.

Grey Christmas Tree-Rex Jumper

Have a little boy who thinks he is too cool or too old for jumpers with a reindeer or a snowman? Does he want to stand apart in the crowd and showoff his personal style? Children discover themselves when and find their own sense of style which may not be in sync with other kids.

Give your boy a T-Rex in Christmas spirits printed jumper. With this T-Rex dressed in a Christmas hat and adorned with a string of lights, you get him to flaunt his style and Christmas in one go.

Brown Christmas Rudolph Jumper

For those little kids who want to morph into one of Santa’s reindeers, this Rudolph jumper with the deer sticking its tongue out could be the perfect one. The jumper has antlers sticking out of the sleeves, making it look like a fancy dress costume too.

Green Christmas Elf Sweater

The elves are not to be forgotten. They are in fact the ones who help Santa make and pack all those toys. Let your little boy this 3D elves sweater complete with the red stripes, belt and tiny elves’ feet hanging in the front. A different mode of Christmas spirit.

Blue Christmas Wrapping Paper Jumper

Who said blue is just for the boys? Girls look lovely in blue too. Get this beautiful blue jumper with a Christmas wrapping paper pattern on it. Santa, snowman, Christmas tree, reindeer, gingerbread man, it has it all. Price ranges from £18 - £23, this is an affordable way to spread the Christmas cheer.

Pink Robin Christmas Jumper

For all those pretty little girls who love pink, this jumper could be the perfect fit. While everyone sports a Santa, snowman or a reindeer, let your little princess sport a turkey in a Christmas hat. With pink fleece, this soft to touch jumper in light pink is priced between £15-£17.

Red Christmas Reindeer Jumper

When budget is not a constraint, you can go in for this Reindeer knitted jumper in red color. With a price range of £24 - £30, this is definitely not a budget buy, but a good Christmas buy nevertheless.

It has sizes for girls in the age group of 3-16years, hence a good option for your teenager too.